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Self Portrait

This is the delirium of my so-called life on the web - I'm the addictive type of woman : addicted to art (modern art, museums), photography, cinéma, books, music, fashion. Therefore, I will watch the same movie over and over again, listen to the same song in a row about 20 times, read the same book three times a year - quite exhausting actually.

 I've lived in the big wild United States and now in the land of camembert, Chanel and Truffaut. I love travelling, probably my most favorite thing is to be in a foreign country, wandering in the streets, meeting new people, listening to a language I don't understand and feeling free. 

I love the fashion style of the 20s, 30s, 50s and 60s as shown in the tv show Mad Men (the Joan Halloway character (played by the fabulous Christina Hendricks)). I enjoy old movies and my favorite actresses are Marylin Monroe, Gene Tierney, Audrey Hepburn, Faye Dunaway, Anna Karina, Mia Farrow and nowadays I enjoy watching war movies, western, thrillers and a few love stories.  J'adore le cinéma ! 

I'm always starting a new book or finishing one, my favorite authors are J.D Salinger, Truman Capote, Kem Nunn, Denis Lehane, Jane Austen, Kent Haruf, Larry McMurtry, Carl Hiaasen, Arnaldur Indridasson, Dorothy M.Johnson, Walt Whitman and many many others.

What I enjoy the most is the creative process - I enjoy creating new things but once it done - I don't really care about it, I love creating definitely.


Septembre 2012 : je n'ai jamais pensé à traduire en français, ou changer un seul mot. Si vous êtes curieux, vous pouvez en apprendre un peu plus sur moi en lisant ces quelques billets où au fil de l'eau, je me suis laissée aller à quelques confidences ;)

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